La Juje Project

created 2012

sub projects LJP

1. After having attached a piece of paper on my front garden fence with "HOW CAN WE HELP ENDANGERED ANIMALS? have any ideas? please tell us" written on it, several people answered.

In this page, you'll discover what were their ideas.


"We go to town and ask people for help!"   from Madeline

"Sell some old stuff and keep the money to donate"  

"Pay to have more wildlife parks made in the forest" 

"table top sale"    

"Ivory is used in Eastern medicine. If people buying it were given access to info+ inexpensive supplies of western medicine, it may reduce demands"  

"have more wardens monitoring the parks"  

"Consume less. Reduce our wants. Love all of nature. Remember the wildlife in GB which is also endangered."    From Louise

"Make sure those who are caught face prison" 

"To make endangered animals centre"

" To make a big big vote"   

"I think what you are doing is so great. Get every person on each street to do it"   from Oliver, 

"Lobby the WWF who have the ability to make a difference and forums to do it"   

"To make a big electric fence around the forest"  

China project / exchange of culture

I may be going to China next year, to see my family there. I have the idea of creating another small project to make people understand in what critical condition so many living creatures are on this planet. They need to know that the pollution there is getting worse and if they don't do anything to prevent that deadly cloud, not only they but also all the living creatures affected will suffer (pulmonary cancer, probably). using masks when going outside can help them slightly but they need to act now if they want China to prosper again under fresh air, they need to act now to make their country good again for their children.

Because China is such a beautiful country, it deserves to be known for its wonderfully rich culture, wildlife and landscapes, not for the polluted cities saturated with dirt.

I also wanted to explain to them how the illegal wildlife trade and the Chinese medicine affect the Tiger and other creatures, how so many more animals are still out there suffering in silence. I want to tell them that if everyone bought illegal wildlife products, the animal kingdom will collapse. 

I have several ideas to make my project work:

  •  Make a conference about wildlife in a primary school (so that the small children get the idea)
  • Give out leaflets in front of the tiger cage in the zoo, give out information
  • As Chinese people don't usually bake fresh cakes at home, we can bake some and sell them in the street, and save the money for wildlife charities or use it to help my project
  • Find out whether there are Chinese wildlife charities and compare them with the Europeans ones (and make some cultural exchange)



If you have any more ideas to make my project work in China, please share:

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